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Your local The East Asia Co is: Sandhurst, 24b Vulcan Way, GU47 9DB.

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Our Favourites

Order some of our most popular dishes now

Pad Thai

Flat rice noodles tossed with egg and various vegetables. Served with crushed peanuts.

Starting from £7.50

Thai Green Curry

Aubergine, basil, lime leaves, bamboo shoots. Includes chilli paste and coconut milk.

Starting from £7.95

Seaweed Salad

Classic Japanese seaweed salad with toasted sesame seeds.

Available for £4.50

Panang Curry

A medium hot curry with sweet basil, green beans, peppers, lemongrass and kaffir lime leaves simmered in coconut milk.

Starting from £8.50


Chicken, salmon or beef sirloin teriyaki served on a bed of rice with rocket and mangetout topped with roasted sesame seeds.

Starting from £9.95

Sweet & Sour

A classic. Wok cooked in spice temple sweet and sour sauce.

Starting from £8.95

Small Plates Selection from The East Asia Co

Small Plates Selection

Our small plates are perfect as starters and snacks

Chicken Satay

4pcs. Grilled marinated chicken on bamboo skewers, smothered in creamy peanut sauce.

Available for £3.50

Thai Spring Rolls

2pcs. Crispy vegetable rolls served with delicious sweet chilli sauce.

Available for £4.50

Tokyo Tempura

Served with either yuzu or our house spicy mayo and togarashi seasoning.

Starting from £5.95

Korean Wings

Expertly-cooked chicken wings with an authentic Asian taste.

Available for £6.25


Fresh edamame prepared as a healthy side dish with your choice of salt or chilli.

Available for £3.50

Panko Squid Rings

Togarashi seasoned squid rings, with panko breadcrumbs deep-fried.

Starting from £7.50

Vegan Dishes from The East Asia Co

Vegan Dishes

All of your favourites, suitable for vegans

Sweet & Sour Tofu

Diced fresh tofu cooked in our sweet and sour sauce.

Available for £10.00

Yaki Soba Vegetables

Wheat noodles, mixed vegetables, and Japanese tangy sauce. Sesame garnish.

Starting from £7.95

Vegetable Gyoza

Handmade vegetable gyoza - the perfect compliment to your vegan meal.

Available for £5.00

Panko Aubergine

Freshly prepared aubergine in a delicious panko coating.

Available for £5.95

Jasmine Rice

A classic side to accompany any of our delicious vegan dishes.

Available for £2.50

Massaman Curry

A rich coconut curry with tamarind, turmeric, crispy shallots, potato and fresh basil.

Available for £7.95

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The East Asia Co are an East Asian cuisine specializing in Pan Asian Street Food. We serve a mix of cuisines including Indian, Thai and Japanese. We are located at Westview, Market Street, Bracknell and are open 7 days a week. The East Asia Co pride ourselves in using fresh ingredients for all our East Asian inspired dishes. We love serving the town of Bracknell and offer a takeaway or free local delivery to the Bracknell area. Order online from